GENESIS Irradiator

It is well known that irradiation is one of the most effective and safe methods for the elimination of pathogens and insects in food.

The Genesis Irradiator™ is the first practical, self-contained, gamma irradiator specifically designed as a food processing system. The Genesis can be installed with minimal preparation into your existing processing or packaging plant. Its size, simplicity and ease of operation make the irradiation of your products convenient and cost effective.

The approach to food irradiation has been changed forever; it has been reshaped to suit the requirements of the food-processing industry and redesigned to fit your company’s individual needs.

  • Mechanically Simple and Robust
  • Product Cold Chain Maintained
  • Processing Capacities Typically, 200,000 pounds of product per day
  • Capable of switching from one product to another with ease
  • Practical dose ranges from 20 gray to 50 kilogray
  • Inherently Safe and Small Footprint (1,600 sq. ft.)
  • Easy and inexpensive to License, Install, Operate, and Maintain

Description and Specifications

The GENESIS Irradiator™ is a continuous-batch system that irradiates product in the safety of a pool of water. Product is moved into the pool by special product containers (bells) via an automated overhead Monorail system. In the pool, the product is irradiated in a stationary position. The unit has a low startup cost for an on-site irradiator and can be installed in a very short period of time. The units are “modular” and several units can be employed to meet production requirements. The Genesis is classified as Category III, Self-Contained Gamma Irradiator and defined by the International Atomic Energy Agency as “Inherently Safe by Design”

The GENESIS system utilizes Constant Volume Variable Pressure (CVVP) underwater bells with no seals or gaskets, allowing the product to remain completely dry during the process. The GENESIS irradiates two bells simultaneously for increased efficiency. Maintenance is conventional and is performed outside of the pool.

7′ x 8′ x 22′ (3.5′ above ground; 18.5′ below).

De-ionized water


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