Robotics Is Not for Every Production Line. . . Or is it?

CHL can help determine if robotics is right for your production needs.

We believe that much of the challenge associated with implementing robotics is determining the best use for robotics in various situations and understanding what it takes holistically to implement a robotics strategy to enhance production.

We’re here to help guide our customers with designing and building the right robotics solutions for their applications. Expanding into robotics opens up both possibilities and challenges and it starts with talking to us about your specific short and long term production goals.

Design & Build Your Ideal Robotics Solution

Food processing lines can be difficult on staff, causing bottlenecks, cost increases, and production delays.
CHL can assist in automation studies that uncover the areas of your production where robotics and automation will best help you meet your long-term goals. We engineer high-quality robotic solutions to reduce labor costs and enhance production capacity and throughput.

CHL’s in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable us to partner with our customers to develop the robotic automation solutions necessary for your growth, expansion, and efficiency.

Partner with us to uncover the areas where robotics will help your production outperform your expectations.

Robotic Specialties Include:

  • Pick and place robotics
  • Pick and pack robotics
  • Multi-configuration palletizing
  • Vision-guided picking
  • Imaging and AI applications
  • Automated sorting and inspection

Our Robotics Partners

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