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Automation Systems and Equipment to Move Materials, Make Products & Pack Merchandise

Food manufacturers face increased pressure to produce higher volumes in smarter, faster, and more sustainable ways. Their ability to meet these challenges is often constrained by equipment limitations, aging technology, and staffing shortages.

At CHL Systems, we design, build and install the systems that move materials, make products, and pack your merchandise in both new and proven ways, enabling you to overcome these challenges, scale your business and feed your communities.

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Material Handling & Conveyance


Production Processing Technology


Pick-Place-Pack & Palletize


Material Handling and Conveyance

In food manufacturing, conveyance and materials handling processes can be one of the primary inhibitors of scale, workflow, and output for the rest of the production. Outdated technology, high maintenance requirements, and space limitations are often the limiting factors. CHL has the experience and expertise to analyze and customize the solutions to improve your conveyance flow and material handling systems.

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  • Sanitary stainless steel conveyors
  • Multi-level transfer conveyors
  • Custom Metal detectors 
  • Food-safe stainless hydraulic dumpers
  • Washdown designed conveyors
  • Custom Design conveyance to solve your complex material problems
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Production Processing & Technology

Fundamental product production must keep up with process flow and integrated process equipment using hygienic designs and functional wash-down capabilities to meet the requirements of any food producer. 

CHL’s experience stems from years of engineering equipment to meet the challenges of sanitary wash-down requirements, food safety specifications, and reduced maintenance to improve the efficiency and costs of the end-of-the-line product. The CHL team helps guide customers through specification, design engineering, build, and installation with vast experience integrating new and existing equipment.


Robotic Pick & Place — Pick & Pack — Palletizing

Understanding all the options in robotic automation can be one of the most challenging undertakings for busy operations and production teams. CHL’s engineering team has designated individuals who know the technology options and have the experience to guide customers through an automation study process to determine where robotics and automation solutions work the best in your organization.

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Our Services

Design and Build

CHL offers Design and Build engineering for your mechanical systems, robotics, and equipment needs – from design concept to turnkey implementation.

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CHL delivers the advantages of custom-engineered equipment for moving, making and packing your products while integrating new and existing equipment.

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Robotic Automation

CHL helps guide our customers in selecting the right robotics solutions in order to achieve the best results for your process applications.

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CHL’s engineers design and develop the conveyance systems that transport your products at the specifications required for optimal production performance.

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Technical Services

CHL offers you hundreds of years of collective experience in millwrighting, mechanical installation, and maintenance services.

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The right replacement parts tailored to your production systems, can extend the life of your equipment and minimize downtime.

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   “Business moves too fast to be constrained by poor processes, antiquated materials handling, and staff shortages.”


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