The importance of production line integration can not be overstated.

Product movement and processing require accuracy and precise timing. Results must be predictable and measured.

CHL delivers the capabilities of custom-engineered equipment for moving, making, and packing your products while integrating both new and existing equipment. The results are enhanced speed, efficient product flow, and integrated system controls.

Systems Integration Requires Experience

There is much to consider when adding new or custom equipment to your existing production lines. Understanding the overall impact must be weighed against the desired outcome and the value you will gain from applying more technically advanced equipment. In most cases, it is well worth the effort and investment, but it does require a thorough analysis of equipment types, technologies, and controls and the integration of the whole. 

There is no substitute for the experience required to view and understand the broad goals of the operation, the line’s needs, and the addition of automation, especially when designing, building, and installing custom equipment.  CHL brings the engineering experience and knowledge to develop and integrate the systems while considering efficiency, performance, and design.

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