Conveyance Process Improvement

Conveyance solutions to move your products and your business forward

From the beginning of the line to the end, moving your materials and products with excellence starts with choosing the right conveyance partner to help you achieve your goals.

Maximize your manufacturing capabilities and achieve excellence in efficiency when you work with the Conveyance Process Improvement (CPI) experts at CHL Systems.

Our engineers specialize in crafting the conveyance systems and processes that drive business growth and position your company as an industry leader in product quality, safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

What is Industrial CPI?

Conveyance Process Improvement refers to systematically evaluating and optimizing the materials handling and transportation systems within a manufacturing, production processing, or industrial setting. The aim is to identify the most suitable conveyance solutions that will enhance the movement of raw materials, pre-production products, finished and packed products, as well as empty and full box handling, while taking into account factors such as material characteristics, production capacity, space constraints, environmental factors, safety, maintenance and upkeep, and cost. The ultimate goal of conveyance process improvement is to enhance efficiency, minimize costs, and improve safety, thereby increasing overall productivity and profitability.

Diverse and Custom-Configured Conveyor Offerings

Understanding that every business is unique, we provide various conveyor system solutions to cater to the needs of many industries. Whether your operations demand the robustness of a drag chain conveyor, the flexibility of z conveyors, or the specificity of box conveyors, we offer both custom and configurable solutions that perfectly align with your objectives.
Moreover, hygiene and safety are paramount for businesses operating within the food industry. That’s why our portfolio includes specialized food-grade conveyors. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, our configurable sanitary conveyors, washdown solutions, and custom sanitary conveyors adhere to stringent standards, ensuring that your products remain uncontaminated and safe for hygienic operations.

We provide our customers with conveyor systems for:

  • Drag-chain conveyance
  • Plastic modular belt conveyance
  • Heavy pallet conveyors
  • Z-Conveyors and vertical conveyance
  • Custom screw and incline conveyors
  • Retractable conveyors
  • 180 Box conveyors
  • Weigh Station conveyors
  • Metal Detector conveyors
  • Spiral Conveyors
  • Bucket Conveyors

Embracing Advanced Conveyance Technologies

Conveyance technology does not stand still, and stagnation isn’t an option. We are dedicated to continuously exploring conveyance process improvement (CPI) avenues by incorporating our conveyor systems with cutting-edge conveyor automation techniques to amplify efficiency across the board.
Recognizing that businesses often face changing demands, we have introduced our FT Series conveyance solutions to empower processors to adapt swiftly to evolving requirements. And, for those prioritizing maintenance and cleanliness, our washdown conveyors are an ideal solution, combining performance with ease of sanitation.

Your Reliable Partner for Conveyor Excellence

At CHL, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge automated conveying systems, offering a range of configurable and custom conveyors perfectly tailored to meet your operational requirements. Through a fusion of innovation, process engineering expertise, and unwavering commitment, we are here to ensure the success of your products and business.
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