Over the past six decades, many people have contributed to our success as a company. Our dedicated team members, loyal customers, and strong leadership team have all helped to write CHL’s story. Together they have made us who we are today and will continue to shape the CHL Systems of the future.

When the Clayton H. Landis Company first began in 1957, the surrounding Indian Valley area was a close-knit community where most people knew one another. Naturally, founders Clayton and Bernice Landis started their business by serving local acquaintances and friends.

As Clayton became known in the community for his welding and repair services, his reputation spread quickly. His customer base grew by word of mouth, as more people came to him to provide the solutions they needed. Generally, when someone began doing business with Clayton, he earned their loyalty as a repeat customer. The quality and ingenuity of his work and his tireless dedication to serving his customers’ needs provided the foundation for long standing business relationships.

Many of these same relationships continue today, and the principles set forth by our founders continue to drive our customer focus and promote loyalty between CHL and our customers. This customer focus, rooted in quality products and services, integrity, and innovation, would not be possible without each CHL Team Member.

From the very beginning, Clayton and Bernice recognized the importance of a good team and hired skilled individuals who shared their values and commitment to the customers. Together, they fostered a work environment that attracted others to come work with them and learn from them. Just as business grew by word of mouth in the early years, so did the workforce, and by the late 1960s, Clayton had a team of several employees to help with his growing work load.

His sons, Robert, Dan, Kevin and Andrew, also helped with the family business and learned from their father. Clayton taught them to weld and work in the shop, involving them in the business from a young age. Dan Landis recalls working with his father during summers and winter breaks from school, traveling to various sites to help out on the installation crews. “[The business]
was part of growing up,” Dan says, “We were right there.”

After working alongside their parents for a number of years, Dan and Kevin Landis joined the CHL management team with Clayton and Bernice in 1975. Clayton and Bernice never officially retired but stepped back gradually, and the leadership transitioned to Dan and Kevin as they took the initiative to push the business further.

In the years since, CHL Systems has continued to grow steadily under their leadership. And, in 2016, Dan and Kevin Landis welcomed eight new members to the CHL Board of Directors to partner with them in charting a path of continued growth and development for the future.

Now employing over 140 team members in various disciplines, CHL Systems serves clients across the country and around the globe.

The commitment of our leadership to the team, the dedication of each team member to our clients, and our long term relationships built through consistent value-added solutions have carried us through the last 60 years and will continue to propel us into the next 60 years as we embrace the future.

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