Delta Pick & Place

Experience streamlined processes, precise customization, and advanced automation — Supercharging your output with our Delta Pick and Place Cell, with high cycle rates and lifting capabilities, can propel your production to new heights!


Boost Your Production with the Delta Pick and Place Cell

Experience unparalleled efficiency with the Delta Pick and Place Cell, operating at a blazing speed of 120 cycles per minute and capable of lifting up to 8 kg (Application Dependent). Engineered with IP69K protection, food-grade lubricants, a hygienic design, and the option of Electro Nickel Plate or FDA Epoxy Paint coatings, this cutting-edge Robotics Cell is primed for action in your food production plant.


Versatility is at its core, with customization options that cater to your process requirements:

  • Choose from various tooling options: vacuum tooling, Soft Robotics, or mechanical grippers, perfectly tailored to your application.
  • Seamlessly integrate lane tracking for multiple conveyors, enhancing precision and control.
  • Employ multiple robots simultaneously to pick, place, and package, multiplying your productivity.
  • Embrace the future with AI, Machine Vision, and Machine Learning integration, allowing product reorientation, moving items on the production line, identification, and efficient picking from piles.


Packing Perfection

Efficiently pack delicate pastries and confections with precision, reducing product damage and ensuring uniform presentation. The Delta Pick and Place Robot enhances packaging quality while increasing production speed.

Frozen Efficiency

The Delta Pick and Place Robot excels at stacking or packing frozen meals or ice cream containers in frozen food production. Increase production efficiency while maintaining the integrity of frozen products.

Protein Sortation

Enhance meat and poultry processing by using the delta robot to precisely arrange cuts on trays. Ensure uniformity, improve hygiene, and meet rigorous food safety standards.


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CHL Systems' Robotic Palletizer: Efficient and Safe. With a versatile design, it handles up to 88" pallets and 35 kg payloads, streamlining your production. Ready to palletize your products?

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Delta Pick & Place

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