SOUDERTON, PA, Oct. 12, 2023 – For the second year in a row, CHL Systems partnered with an industry-leading food producer to help bring to life an award-winning food processing facility. Earlier this year, Food Engineering named Clemens Food Group’s Hatfield North facility 2023 Food Plant of the Year.

This brand new 308,000-sq.-ft. state-of-the-art pork processing facility, situated on the campus of Clemens Food Group’s flagship location in Hatfield, PA, was built in response to an increase in demand for Hatfield pork products. The plant houses eighteen smokehouses and includes two distinct sections, one for raw processing and one for ready-to-eat products.

“CHL Systems is proud to partner with Clemens Food Group in bringing to life this award-winning facility that is recognized for its thoughtful attention to employee welfare and exceptional food safety considerations,” said CHL Systems CEO Mike Giagnacova.

As a long-time trusted partner of Clemens Food Group, CHL Systems served as one of the primary equipment vendors on the Hatfield North project, providing a variety of conveyance and material handling equipment, custom processing solutions, and process equipment installation and rigging.

One of the unique custom solutions provided by CHL Systems was a pork belly loading system for Clemens Food Group’s bacon processing. The system, which improved overall process flow and throughput, was also designed with ergonomics in mind. Workers load racks of hanging meat at waist height using racks that come apart. The racks are then attached to a machine that lifts them overhead to make more room for hanging additional bacon below.

Belly Rack Loading System
In addition to the pork belly loading system, CHL Systems provided a substantial amount of conveyance and material handling equipment for the new plant, from tote dumpers and sanitary conveyors in the raw processing area to packaging conveyors for ready-to-eat products.

CHL also provided a custom conveyor that transports bulk totes from one room of the facility to the next and allows the totes to be lifted directly off the conveyor by a fork truck at the end of the line.

Additional work by CHL included the design, manufacturing, and installation of a large oven maintenance access platform and installation of a variety of process piping throughout the facility.

Bulk Tote Conveyor
“The Hatfield North facility is truly a testament to the quality, innovation, and collaboration of Clemens Food Group and their trusted partners. We are honored to be a part of this project and congratulate Clemens Food Group on a job well done,” said Giagnacova.

Food Engineering will recognize Clemens Food Group on October 13, with the official presentation of the 2023 Plant of the Year Award at the Food Automation and Manufacturing (FA&M) Expo in Bonita Springs, Florida.

About CHL Systems – CHL Systems designs, builds and installs automation equipment and systems that move materials, make products, and pack merchandise, enabling its customers to feed their communities and the nation. Since 1957, CHL Systems has been providing process automation equipment and services to production facilities across the country and beyond. Their experience spans a variety of industries including food and agricultural processing, protein and meat handling, pet food, baking and confectionery, and pharmaceutical.

Today, CHL Systems remains a family-owned corporation and is globally recognized by their partners for manufacturing excellence and highly skilled professionals. Their dedicated staff is driven by helping customers overcome their challenges to build the success they desire.

About Clemens Food Group – Founded in 1895, Clemens Food Group is a sixth-generation, family-owned vertically coordinated pork production operation that includes feed milling, farming, processing, transportation and logistics. As the fifth largest fresh pork processing company in the U.S., the business focuses on supplying the highest quality products to its partners via a responsive and sustainable system, while also providing advanced solutions that simplify its partners’ operations. Founded on the family values of ethics, integrity and stewardship, Clemens Food Group is deeply committed to animal care, its team members, and the communities in which it operates.

Batching Dumper
Maintenance Access Platform
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