Technical Services

There is no replacement for decades of experience. 

The equipment is designed and built, but the job is not finished until it is installed and working to your specifications. This is where our Technical Services team thrives. With hundreds of years of collective experience in millwrighting, mechanical installation, and maintenance, our services team develops and implements the plan to install and test your equipment so that your production hums.

CHL Engineering services draws from a pool of over 30 engineers in various competencies, including:

  • Mechanical
  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Controls and Programming
  • Modeling and Superstructure



Working with CHL, you will quickly realize that our technical services teams are the key to successfully delivering your processing equipment project. The experience of our technicians in developing and executing an implementation plan starts from the design phase of our project and continues through the build-out, factory acceptance test, and installation phases. From conveyor solutions, production equipment and robotics, our technical service team knows your equipment and your requirements and is with you until the job is done.

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