Major international pharmaceutical customer wanted to expand their U.S. product offerings for liquid based over-the-counter products, many of which were only made overseas.




  • After a thorough analysis, CHL Systems handled the following:
    • Design & Install of a 3,000L primary mixing tank (ASME rated with jacketed heating and cooling via steam and chilled water), a 3,000L secondary holding tank, and a 250L buffer tank, which was fitted with a level sensor to ensure near constant head pressure.
    • The tanks are surrounded by an elevated stainless steel platform permitting access for maintenance and ingredient delivery.
    • A Siemens PLC with touch screen HMI is used to control all automatic valves and motors, while electrical equipment is mounted in a stainless steel cabinet. All components and equipment are rated for full wash down.


  • The commissioned line effectively doubled the company-wide production of liquid based pharmaceuticals.




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