Customer was expanding their facility and wanted to double their production output. Customer was filling product using only traditional bottling methods.




  • No prints or layout drawings existed for the new line
  • Project needed to be completed in a 6 month window to be ready for their seasonal product
  • Existing equipment would have to be refurbished and relocated
  • Additional process piping was required
  • Needed to integrate a new asceptic sterilized filling system


  • CHL Systems handled the following:
    • Installed over 16,000 feet of process piping
    • Reconfigured existing process piping
    • Installed asceptic CIP bottling system
    • Refurbished numerous pieces of equipment, including tanks, mixers and juice finishers
    • Designed and manufactured pumice augers, and grading and incline conveyors


  • Project completed on-time and to the customer’s satisfaction
  • Customer now has the capacity to run double their original production output
  • Sterilized asceptic filling has augmented their traditional bottle filling system to allow increased capacity and greater product offerings




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