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Service Technician 1st & 2nd Shift

We are currently seeking an individual with the ability to install, repair, weld, and fabricate machinery and equipment in industrial establishments.


  • Reads engineering prints and schematic drawings to determine work procedures.
  • Plans sequence of operation.
  • Dismantles machines.
  • Moves machinery and equipment.
  • Assembles and installs equipment such as shafting, conveyors, and tram rails.
  • Welds in flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead positions.
  • Cleans work area, machines, tools, and equipment.
  • Straightens warped or bent parts.
  • Constructs foundation for machines.
  • Aligns machines and equipment.
  • Assembles machines, and bolts, welds, rivets, or otherwise fastens them to foundation or other structures.
  • Uses transit to locate reference points and erects ladders and scaffolding to fit together large assemblies.
  • Repairs and lubricates machines and equipment.
  • Drills holes.
  • Connects cables from welding unit to obtain amperage, voltage, slope, and pulse as specified.
  • Examines weld for bead size and other specifications.
  • Chips of excess weld slag or spatter.
  • Positions and clamps work pieces together or assembles them in jig or fixture.
  • Tacks assemblies together.   
  • Ensures all safety policies are followed at all times.
  • All other duties as required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to fabricate weldments according to prints and specified tolerances
  • Good mechanical aptitude
  • Good decision making skills
  • Ability to perform welding & cutting techniques
  • Ability to read and understand drawings and prints
  • Demonstrates attention to detail
  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret technical procedures

CHL SYSTEMS offers a competitive salary and a full benefits package.

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