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CHL Facts

  • ISO 9001:2008 Registered Quality System
  • Located approximately 30 miles north of Philadelphia, PA
  • Over 160,000 square feet of production and office facilities
  • 140+ team members including licensed Professional Engineers, Certified SolidWorks Professionals, experienced project managers and highly skilled production and service personnel


Did you know?

  • CHL Systems fabricated the entire support frame system, and assisted with the design and installation of the Velodrome used for the 1996 Olympic bike races held at Stone Mountain in Atlanta, GA.

Velodrome Installation

Velodrome, Stone Mountain, Atlanta, GA 1996

  • CHL Systems fabricated the carriage frame to hold the Jaws on the attraction in Universal Studios Japan.

Jaws Attraction - Tokyo, Japan

Jaws Attaction - Tokyo, Japan

CHL Systems equipment and services around the world:

CHL Systems Equipment Around the World