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Further Processing

CHL Systems offers custom sanitary, wash down duty, FDA approved solutions for the Further Processing Area.


Metering Incline Screw Conveyor
  • Custom belt conveyors - sanitary, wash down duty, FDA approved
    • Tension reel and belt lifting mechanisms
    • Custom length, width, height, belt type, etc.
  • Dumpers - complete with hydraulics, custom to fit specialized processes or containers
    • Barrel and drum dumpers
    • VAT dumpers
    • Combo dumpers
  • Turntables (lazy susans)
  • Metal detector conveyors - custom sanitary designs integrated with metal detectors
  • Custom stainless steel screw conveyors (augers)
    • Usage: fat, trim, ham, muscle
    • Polished screws available
    • Custom hoppers and bins
  • Aging room conveyors
  • VAT storage racks
  • Tray pack conveyors with work stations - ergonomically designed, adjustable height
  • Volumetric screw hoppers