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Fabrication Floor

CHL Systems offers custom sanitary, wash down duty, FDA approved solutions for the Fabrication Floor.

Whether you require a complete new design or concept, or you want to improve production output through upgrading your equipment, CHL Systems is ready to serve you.

Boning Line Tables
  • Boning lines - tension reel and belt lifting devices available
    • Chuck boning lines
    • Ribs boning lines
    • Round boning lines
    • Shoulder boning lines
  • Dumpers - complete with hydraulics, custom to fit specialized processes or containers
    • Barrel and drum dumpers
    • VAT dumpers
    • Combo dumpers
  • Meat recovery equipment
  • Work tables - heavy duty stainless steel, adjustable height; piping, drains and fittings as needed
    • Meat wash down tables
    • Drain and general work tables
    • USDA approved plastics for cutting board applications
  • Supporting equipment
    • Stands, platforms and mezzanines
    • Reject discharge conveyors