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Harvest Floor

CHL Systems offers custom design, build and install solutions for the Harvest Floor.

Whether you require a complete new design or concept, or you want to improve production output through upgrading your equipment, CHL Systems is ready to serve you.

Viscera Tables
  • Overhead rail conveyors
  • Bleed conveyors
  • Head workup area equipment
    • Conveyors with cutting board stations
    • Meat bins and hoppers
    • Jaw bone pullers
    • Head droppers
  • Platforms, stands and mezzanines
    • Safety railings, fiberplate flooring, stairs, handrails
    • 1st and 2nd legger bench
    • Low backers platforms
    • Hydraulic platforms - adjustable height control for operator and process requirements
    • Stationary platforms
    • USDA inspection platforms
    • Types: steam vac, rumper, belly ripper, flanker, rim over, side puller, open neck, tail puller, low neck skinner, brisket saw, bung and tie, pregutter, head workup, trimmer, spinal cord removal, head table
  • Viscera tables (gut tables)
  • Stack rail systems
  • Wash down stations and tool sterilizers
    • Personal wash stations and sinks
    • Tool sterilizers: saw, split, dehorner, knife
  • Landing conveyors