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Oscillating Conveyor


  • Customer is an innovator and manufacturer of 3-dimensional filament products for the building envelope and noise control markets
  • Customer was expanding their process due to increased demand and they required another unit that would incorporate some conveyor enhancements


  • The oscillating linkage on previous models experienced some wear and had needed repair
  • It was difficult to access the lubrication fitting in the oscillating drive shaft
  • The locking bolts were sometime not loosened prior to using the jack to raise or lower the bed it would result in bent shafts and downtime for repairs
  • Adjusting the tension of the belt was time consuming and required multiple measurements


  • The rod end size of the linkage was increased with a high impact-capable insert
  • A remote oiler was installed allowing access to the lubrication point of the oscillator drive shaft
  • A torque-limiting coupler was incorporated into the jack crank, not allowing the overload of the jack shaft
  • Horizontal scales were installed to allow the operator to see the tension adjustment at a glance


  • Less downtime for repairs and parts replacement due to the improvements on the linkage and jack crank
  • Decreased maintenance time due to new lubrication system for the drive shaft
  • More efficient belt changes by utilizing the horizontal scales