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Thread Seal Spool Assembly Automation System


  • Manual process of assembling the spool and the shell was costly and the production rate was low
  • Customer was looking to automate this process


  • Machine had to accomodate eight spool sizes and four shell sizes
  • Production had to increase from 30 ppm to 60 ppm
  • Toolless changeover required


  • CHL System developed a unique shell sorting and orientation method, eliminating the manual process
  • Hopper for the shells increased capacity by a factor of 10
  • Spool loading designed to be ergonomic and easy for operator to load
  • Machine designed to fit within a very small space constraint


  • Automated process eliminated intensive, repetitive manual motion
  • Production output doubled
  • Rejects decreased by 95% from the previous process
  • Design allows customer the ability to run additional product sizes


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