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Oscillating Conveyor


  • Customer was introducing a new product and required a custom conveyor for production
  • Product needed to be deposited in a specific pattern, and oscillating the depositing head was causing problems with the pattern


  • Required a conveyor with a 60” wide belt operating at variable speeds, while oscillating in a 1” circle at a variable frequency with up to 180 cycles per second
  • Required belt tensioning and tracking with the ability to tilt up or down 10 degrees
  • Required a cooling process for the molten plastic material as it moved from one end of the conveyor to the other
  • Conveyor had to run on a track to allow it to be moved under the process dispense header, and back out when complete


  • CHL System designed and built a robust 1000 lb. aluminum conveyor capable of oscillating at varying rates up to 180 cycles per second
  • Design incorporated features to allow flexibility with product placement: variable speed drive for belt speed, variable speed oscillation and tilting range of ± 10°


  • Oscillating conveyor allows the customer to accurately create new product to their specifications
  • Conveyor has the ability to operate at variable speeds and oscillate at varying rates to provide new and different product patterns
  • Depositing head remains fixed, solving material flow and handling problems


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