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Facility Relocation, System Integration & Custom Crane


  • Customer was relocating over 40,000 sq. ft. of equipment from one facility to another
  • New area required a crane system to handle their production needs
  • Required air and water piping for equipment operation


  • Additional piping and electrical work was needed at the new facility for the equipment relocation
  • Analyzed building layout and determined that four cranes were required to span the entire production facility with a 5-ton capacity per crane
  • Each crane would span 45’ with a total travel of 280’
  • Complete system to remain independent from the building structure based on analysis of the building design and loads


  • Relocated over 300 pieces of equipment
  • Installed over 8000’ of water and air piping
  • Free-standing crane system and structure engineered, designed, built and installed by CHL Systems
  • Two crane bays designed with a single set of runways in each bay
  • Three bridges in bay one allowed customer to perform multiple lifts at one time


  • Installed all equipment, piping and crane system within a four month time frame
  • Independent crane structure allowed customer’s building to remain intact
  • Crane structure designed to handle additional loads, allowed the mounting of water piping, airlines and electrical conduits for the equipment


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