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Vaccine Bottle Conveyor


  • Existing equipment was 10 years old and continually having too much downtime
  • Bottles were being left on the conveyor system and were turning or not staying square to the system, causing misalignment for robot pickup
  • Bottles were falling on the floor
  • Bottles were jamming in the conveyor
  • Belts were fraying leaving particles all over and contaminating the system
  • Belts were coming off drive wheels


  • Belting material was inadequate for the desired application
  • Drive system was not applying enough pressure on bottles to keep them inline with the system
  • Angle of decline was not steep enough to roll into a positive air pressure robot enclosure
  • No positive stopping mechanism for bottles at the end of the decline
  • Bottle guides were at the bottom of the bottle allowing the bottle to twist


  • New belt material selected for improved positive gripping of the bottles
  • Drive system modified to keep constant pressure on the bottles
  • Changed angle of decline and added stopping mechanism
  • Moved guides to center position on the bottles


  • Less downtime, maintenance and cleaning
  • No bottles falling on the floor or twisting
  • Consistant positioning of the bottles for accurate robot pickup and transfer
  • No belt fraying for reduced contamination
  • Belts do not twist off drive wheels


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