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Drum Filling and Weighing Station


  • Customer asked CHL Systems to review their manual process for filling drums with a powdered pharmaceutical product
  • Weigh station wasn’t as accurate as customer required
  • A bag sealer was used for certain powders, but was difficult to remove when not required


  • Operator was manually tapping the side of a bin to vibrate the powder into bags within the drums
  • Operator manually fed powder until the drum reached the required weight
  • Drums were manually removed from weigh station


  • CHL Systems designed and fabricated a new stand and weigh station
  • CHL System modifed the bag sealer with a mobile design to be easily removed or added as necessary
  • The vibratory feeder was reused and a new drum filling machine was integrated into the process
  • A roller conveyor system was modified to aid in the removal process of full drums


  • New system easily handles various bag and drum sizes
  • Drum filler improves accuracy in powder weight, and automates the filling process
  • Reduced time for bag sealer change over process
  • Increased throughput of filling operation


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