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Solids Clarifying Tank


  • Customer was required to update their discharge water clarification system due to DEP regulation changes
  • Discharge water quality needed to improve
  • Customer was also expanding their process capacity during this upgrade


  • Process required a skimmer on the top to remove foam from the water, and a scraper on the bottom of the tank for solids
  • Customer was evaluating between a concrete or a stainless steel tank and decided on stainless steel to provide narrower profile, easier to maintain and attach ancillary equipment


  • CHL Systems worked with the customer on the design and engineered the tank for manufacturing
  • CHL Systems fabricated and installed the tank in one piece prior to the new roof installation due to the size of the equipment - 12’ wide by 58’ long and weighing 20 tons


  • Discharge water meets DEP regulations
  • New clarifying tank increased discharge water capacity


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