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Meat Rendering Facility Upgrade


  • Customer's equipment had reached its service life and was requiring frequent repairs to remain operational
  • Equipment was deteriorated and in need of replacement


  • During the design phase, CHL Systems engineers discovered the power transmission components were sized incorrectly on the existing equipment
  • This condition contributed to premature equipment failure and reduced overall operating efficiency
  • The new system install needed to occur over top of other existing production equipment
  • The building structure could not support the necessary monorail to install the 80 foot long augers


  • CHL Systems designed, fabricated and installed two 25 foot long by 18 foot high material receiving bins with triple live bottom discharge augers, and two 80 foot long by 2 foot diameter incline augers
  • CHL Systems completed a building survey and designed and built a temporary self supporting crane with steel support frames to install the augers


  • Removal of the old equipment and installation of the new system occurred over a three day weekend without adversely affecting weekly production
  • The new system improved product flow and dramatically increased projected operating life cycle