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Hydraulic Dumping & Processing System


  • Customer wanted to process a new product
  • The system need to be able to separate liquid from the product
  • The product would then be cooked in a kettle


  • The product was contained with liquid in a rectangular plastic bin
  • The liquid needed to be contained when dumping
  • The product was stored in a refrigeration unit


  • CHL Systems designed, built and installed a system starting with a hydraulic dumper - dumping from the corner of the bin to contain the liquid
  • The product and liquid went through a rotary separator with spray headers discharging warm water on the product - all contained in the separator
  • The product tumbled out the end of the separator into a collection bin, and then positive displacement pumped to a cooking kettle
  • CHL Systems also built multiple platforms for ergonomic access, and provided the hydraulic power unit for the dumper - which was located in an isolated area


  • The system enabled our customer to process a new product with high percentage yield in product handling
  • The liquid was separated and contained, and the product was discharged into a kettle cooker
  • The product was heated with the warm water, improving the cooking efficiency