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Coil Strip Cutting & Scrap Handling System


  • Customer processes thin gauge steel strips in large coils.  The coils are rolled to gauge in a reversing mill.
  • Off-gauge material at both ends of the coil needs to be removed prior to annealing and tin coating
  • The material has very sharp edges and is difficult to handle manually in a safe way
  • The customer wanted a scrap handling system that would provide a “hands-free” means of removing the scrap 



  • The system required transferring the end of the strip from two different uncoilers, across coil car rails, and up into a shear system
  • The off-gauge strip will be clamped down, sheared, and fall into a scrap bin
  • The end of the coil would then be sent through the processing line



  • CHL Systems engineered and designed a system that grabbed the end of the strip with a horizontal magnetic conveyor, shuttled across the coil car rails and up the incline magnetic conveyor to a zip shear
  • The system stops the motion of the strip, clamps and shears it
  • The end of the strip from the OD of the coil returns back to the process line
  • The scrap from the inside of the coil is feed up the magnetic conveyors into a scrap bin


  • CHL Systems built the system, including the controls, and integrated OEM components
  • System fit in and around existing equipment with only minor modifications
  • The system works very well and provides the level of a safe, “hands-free”, operation required by the customer