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Pickle Line Belt Wrapper


  • A gripper slot on the recoiler was necessary for all materials from 0.187" to 0.250" gauge
  • Gripper tang was producing mill marks in the rolls
  • OEM designed belt tracking was currently using four unique tracking points


  • To process gauge 0.250" on existing design, the belt should be stretched to 350 piw/in
  • To employ the belt with this rating, the beltwrapper's roller size would need to be increased in diameter to run the belt
  • Higher tension of the belt requires a redesign of the geometry of the tension arm to provide sufficient system force
  • With thicker (0.250") gauge, spacing between wrapped strip and belt wrapper frame would have to be increased in order to avoid interference during belt wrapper retraction


  • Tension capacity of belt increased from 6,600 lbs. to 12,200 lbs.
  • Tuck arm and tension arm frames significantly increased in size and strength due to new belt tension requirements
  • Belting upgraded to heavy duty wire mesh
  • Simplified belt tracking to one central point
  • Able to wrap up to 70 KSI maximum yield strength
  • Able to wrap 0.080" to 0.250" gauge steel and up to 65" wide material
  • Thread speeds up to 100 FPM maximum


  • Pickle line can now wrap all material with belt wrapper, increasing productivity and decreasing yield lost
  • Downstream operation has less roll changes for mill marks due to the removal of the gripper tang in the ID of the coil
  • Pickle line ran 0.265 gauge on the belt wrapper within 4 hours of initial start-up