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Galvanizing Line - SS MAPS Tank


  • Customer was having problems with their plastic magnetic separator tank
  • The welds were breaking and were impossible to repair correctly
  • The tank drains performed poorly resulting in metal fines remaining in the tank bottom


  • CHL Systems was asked to improve the outlet piping and drains, and to make the tank easier to clean
  • The tank was not strong enough for the application
  • The tank walls had deformed over the years


  • CHL Systems recommended manufacturing a new tank made of 304 stainless steel
  • The stainless steel tank would strengthen the overall structure of the tank and allow for easy future repairs and/or modifications
  • The tank drains were relocated from the sides to the bottom


  • Tank was easily installed over a normal outage
  • The stainless steel walls are thinner than the plastic tank walls which allows the magnets to collect more metal than ever before
  • Increased strength and added features have cut the cleaning time in half
  • Essentially, the metal fines are completely removed through the relocated drains