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Caster Modular Straightener


  • Excessive downtime required for routine maintenance of wear components
  • Lateral roll removal procedure was difficult to execute and was unsafe due to the tight space constraints for this task
  • Unified frame structure not possible to repair without extended outage
  • Replacement components could only be tested after installation


  • Investigated feasibility of segmenting the main frame into removable modules
  • Developed geometry of rail system to allow access from above by overhead crane
  • Studied effects of modular design on frame cooling circuits
  • Determined attachment points to tie the modules together for a unified structure


  • Designed a common module that is interchangeable to all locations
  • Developed rail guidance system for overhead removal of a complete modular assembly
  • Designed lifting rig to mate with modules
  • Developed frames to precisely align modules with foundation as the modules are set into place
  • Redesigned cooling water circuits
  • Reused existing power train and controls system


  • Common module allows for minimal spares
  • Routine maintenance and critical setup completed and tested in the shop
  • Complete module replacement rather than individual components
  • Allows access for overhead crane for safer and more efficient maintenance of the equipment
  • Lifting rig and removal rails facilitate quick exchange, helping to reduce downtime
  • Improved safety with more controlled lifts
  • Four independent module cooling circuits provide greater monitoring capabilities of the cooling water flow and for troubleshooting the system


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