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Melt Shop Furnace Slag Door Upgrade


  • Slag door and components were not holding up to the environments with a life expectancy of less than three weeks
  • Bearings, hydraulic motors, chains, sheaves and drive shafts were unreliable due to the high temperature


  • The components started failing rapidly after the introduction of HBI and DRI to the melting process
  • Application required a door with little or no moving parts


  • CHL Systems, along with the input from the maintenance personnel, designed a door with minimal moving parts
  • All parts are water-cooled with critical points protected from direct heat
  • The water-cooled door and connecting arm use the same flow monitored cooling water


  • All bearings, hydraulic motors, drive shafts and chains were eliminated
  • The central pivot point and slag door connecting point has chrome pins and bushings surrounded by a cooling block to eliminate any seizing
  • The water-cooled connecting arm allows for a water-cooled/shielded cylinder to be mounted away from the slag door
  • Slag door life extended to 2+ years with minimal maintenance


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