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Steel Tube Reclaim System


  • Some tubes have short sections of defects causing the entire tube to be rejected
  • Current production line doesn't allow for salvage of any reject tubes
  • Operator needs to be able to cut out defects and salvage remainder of tube


  • System needs to be able to remove rejected tube from production line
  • Rejected tubes need to be transferred to a buffer and onto a saw for cutting of defective area
  • After cutting, the tube needs to be transferred back to the buffer area and be deposited into racks for bundling


  • System removes reject tubes to a buffer then to a saw for cutting
  • Salvaged section is returned to the buffer area and into a storage rack for bundling of shorter tubes


  • System was engineered and designed to handle various size and length tubes
  • Single operator can now handle all reject tubes and salvage the good sections
  • Mobile racks were designed and built to handle the short tube sections


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