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Strapless Steel Tube Unbundling System


  • Customer required a system to transport tubes from their existing production line to a new hydro-testing line
  • Currently bundled tubes are craned over to the new line and then unbundled for testing
  • When cutting the bands, tubes fall inconsistently, causing a safety concern


  • System needs to handle various size tubes and bundle shapes and sizes
  • Unbundler has to keep the tubes held tightly together while gently letting them out after the bands were cut from the bundles
  • The tubes could not be marked while accumulating behind the singulation mechanism


  • CHL Systems designed and built an unbundler with support cradles that adjust from 90° to 60° and move linearly to accommodate all possible shapes
  • The system has carry chain with free rollers mounted to the top to provide zero pressure accumulation


  • The unbundler accepts a wide variety of tube sizes (2-3/8" to 7") and bundle shapes
  • Provides product to the hydro-testing line at 200 linear ft/min
  • Customer can produce tube products using the same method for both tested and non-tested tubes
  • Operators are not exposed to the hazard of tube bundles opening unpredictably